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Tips For A Safe Pest Control Treatment With A Baby In The House

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Pest-control is very important to protect your baby from various diseases that the pests bring into your home. As babies have low immunity, they are more prone to such diseases. However, is it possible that pest-control treatment ends up causing more harm to the baby? Such treatments use harsh chemicals and other toxic ingredients. Hence, it is very much possible that the baby gets affected by them.

Tips for a safe pest control treatment

Thus, serious care needs to be taken while doing a pest control treatment if there are infants present in the house. Let us look at some guidelines that will help the baby to remain safe from the pest control:

1. Hire professionals to do the job

Set aside some time into researching the best professionals to do the pest control treatment. Make sure they are certified and trained to do the job. Inform them beforehand about the presence of an infant. Professional exterminators will make sure that they use chemicals that have minimal impact on infants.

2. Be extra cautious in case you do the treatment yourself

In case you plan to do the treatment on your own, research about the different pesticides available and which one has minimal toxicity level. You should always read the label of such pesticides in case they have mentioned some caution statements. Once used, keep the pesticides out of the reach of children.

3. Make sure the infant is nowhere near while the treatment is going on

It is best to vacate the house during the treatment and not come back to the pesticides that have dried up completely.

4. Cover all the baby items properly before the treatment starts

Make sure you properly cover everything that the baby uses – including its bottles, clothes, toys, etc. Specially something like a teether which goes directly into the baby’s mouth, should not bear any chemicals. If you want to take extra precautionary steps, you should also cover the baby's bed with mattress covers.

5. Cover all food items

Food should also be covered properly. Once the treatment is done, make sure you properly wash the fruits and vegetables that might have stayed outside. Pesticides in food and water go directly into the system and cause much more harm to the baby.

6. Keeps infants off the floor and corners

For some time after the pest-treatment, keep the children from crawling on the floor or corners. You can lay down sheets to avoid them getting directly in contact with the pesticides before they have dispersed fully.

7. Make sure there is no air-borne residue

Ask the pest control company about the kind of pesticides used and their residual after the treatment. Inhaling the pesticides will act adversely for infants as their body is much more sensitive.

8. Wash your hands

It is important to frequently wash your hands once you have entered the house after the treatment. Pesticides may be present on the doorknob, window frames, or furniture. Thus, washing hands before cooking or playing with the baby will help to avoid contact.

These steps will be enough to make sure that the infant is protected from the side-effects of pesticides. Usually, the professionals are safety conscious, and they take proactive measures to protect the health of the family. Thus, it is essential to choose the best professional available to you.

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