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Tips To Keep Your Apartment Pest Safe

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Pests are small creatures that come uninvited into our homes, infecting it and spreading around diseases. It is always a good idea to keep the house pest-safe and take some extra measures in case they manage to get in. Pests can range from flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, lizards, bed bugs, ants, termites, rodents, and many more. Therefore, many people opt for pest control services for their homes.

How exactly do we ensure that our house does not invite any pests?

Prevention is always better than cure. Here are some tips that may be helpful to prevent pests:

1. Avoid buying second-hand furniture

Even though buying second-hand furniture is cost-effective and might seem tempting, in the long term, it may prove to be otherwise. Termites are a huge problem that comes along with such furniture. It is always better to buy new furniture. Buying a second-hand bed is a big no-no. They are usually infected by bed bugs.

Even if you go ahead and buy some basic second-hand furniture, make sure to cover it with termite-proof polish or paint.

2. Pest-proof the apartment

Pest proofing basically refers to sealing off all the potential entry points for pests to enter. This can be done through white-washing or paints or any other material. It is definitely a time-consuming process as a lot of inspection is required to figure out all the possible entry points. However, it will be worth your time in the long run.

Along with pest-proofing, vacuuming the place helps in reducing the pest as it gets into places that cannot be cleaned by bare hands.

3. Do not leave food (especially if it contains sugary content) outside

Food invites a lot of pests, especially flies and ants. Many at times, such pests bring along infections from outside and infect your food. Always keep food covered and under cooler temperatures.

4. Do not let water stagnate

Stagnant water leads to breeding of cockroaches and many other pests. Don’t let water stand uncovered within the house. This also applies to your balconies and front door porch or gardens.

5. Avoid keeping the dishes unwashed

It is advisable to wash your used dishes as soon as possible. Keeping them unwashed in the sink for a long time is an invitation to the pests. If you do not have time to wash them instantly, it is recommended that you wash them with water. Also, cover them till they are washed properly.

6. Special care to the area under the sink

The area under the sink is usually the trickiest and the most vulnerable area for the breeding of pests. It is important to keep the area clean and moisture-free.

7. Short-term pest prevention techniques

In the short term, you can avoid pests with the help of pest repellent sprays, termite polish, pest repellent chalks, etc. Newer technologies are brining better techniques for pest prevention.

Some of them are:

Dryer Vent cover: These help in preventing pests from entering vents of dryers and air conditioners.
Ultrasonic pest repellent: These help in preventing pests through ultrasonic waves.

8. Pest-control treatment

Sometimes, even by taking measures, pests manage to infect the house, making it a vulnerable place for diseases. It then becomes essential to get a pest- control treatment done as soon as possible.

Check out for more assistance.

It is a better idea to get a professional to do the treatment. They are better trained and safety conscious while carrying such treatments.

Choose Radar Pest Control for your house’s pest control treatment. Stop the infestation of pests today by seeking help from the right experts here.

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