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Tips To Prevent Pest Infestation In Your House This Winter

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We all must have spent our winters covered in warm clothes while relaxing by the fire. Just like us, animals hibernate, and birds migrate to pass the harsh winters. But what about pest? What do termites, flies and ants do during this season?

Well they have their own strategies to overcome the winters. There might be some who go into hibernation, but most of the others find shelter in homes. They look for warmth and food to survive.

Thus, pest control sunshine coast experts recommend everyone to be very cautious and take measures against common winter pests like ants, mice, cockroaches, spiders and others.

Let’s get to know more about the defense mechanism of different insects during winters.

Winter Survival Strategies of Insects   Ants

We all must have noticed queues of ants running across our floors carrying food in summer. Yet surprisingly, we see no sign of them during winters. Does that mean there are no ants in your house?

As soon as the fall months start, ants consume huge amount of food in order to put on fat. This fat helps to keep them warm and they do not have to go about seeking food during winters. As soon as conditions are favorable, they are ready to invade our kitchen floors with full energy.


Cockroaches are one of the most adaptive creatures on this planet. They can easily live in our kitchens and bathrooms during winters. But the most common American cockroaches prefer warmer conditions and move into houses only when the temperature is falling.


We all have suffered from mosquito bites while playing outdoors. But during winters, mosquitoes hibernate in hollow logs and wait for warmer conditions.

To know about pests in more detail, you can have a look.

Now that you are aware of the surviving strategies of insects during winters, you should take active precautions to protect your home.

We are here to share some useful tips with you to protect your homes.

House Mice-There is a high possibility of a house mice being hidden in your attic during winters.

Let’s see how you can avoid mice infestation-

  Do this

• Make sure your house does not have any cracks or openings. If so, seal them properly.
• Do not have any empty carton boxes on the floor. This can be a good hiding place for the mice.
• Keep checking for any droppings, gnaw marks or damaged food.

Cockroaches-American cockroach are the common residents of all homes. They spread infections by contaminating eatables.

Here’s how you can keep them away:


Do this

• Make sure kitchen counters are clean and free of food crumbs.
• Do not keep garbage in your house for long.
• Keep checking kitchens, bathrooms and sinks for any signs.


Spider webs are common in closets and attics. If you find one in your home, make sure you clean it immediately.

Do this

• The trees, shrubs and overhanging roofs need to be trimmed regularly
• Use plastic containers to store baseball mitts, shoes, gloves as they good hiding places.

These preventive pest control methods will help you keep your house safe.

Do You Need Pest Control in Winter Season?

Now you know that your houses are not pest free during winters. They damage your furniture, goods and most importantly spread infections. But you do not have to worry about these pests anymore. In order to protect your homes, you can get a Radar Pest Control done by professionals. This not only gets rid of pest during winter, it also prevents their entry in summers. So without any more wait, click on and make your home a clean healthy place to live in all seasons.

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