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Signs That Show You Have Bed Bugs In Your House


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Bed bugs are one of the most disgusting pests found in our homes. They feed on our blood and are extremely hard to notice because of their small size. Most of us don't even know about these bed bugs living in our houses. They conveniently hide under beds, furniture, and mattresses. It is impossible to detect a beg bug unless it bites you.

Their bites look like red bumps on the skin, and so, most people assume that it is just a mosquito bite. So, people never get to know that their house is getting bug infested. So, how does one find out there are bed bugs in the house? Also, there are pest control services to help you discover a bed bug infestation and get rid of it.

There are some indications of bed bugs in your house

1. Bed Bug Bites

Your home could be infested with bed bugs, and you might not even know. They are so difficult to see with the naked eye. But once a bed bug bites you, you become aware of their presence.

The bites would make you feel itchy at night, and in the morning, you will see red bumps on your back, neck, shoulders, etc. If you have bites on these areas frequently, you now know what it means.
Another way could be to see the way you have been bitten. If the bites are in a row rather than here and there, it is mostly a bed bug bite.

2. Bed Bugs Blood Stain

Bed bugs feed on your blood and so, mostly attack at night while you are asleep. Look for bloodstains on your bed sheet before you wash them. They occur when you squash a bed bug in your sleep. If the bed bug has just bitten you, the undigested blood will leave a stain. However, bloodstains would happen due to mosquitoes as well, so this sign is not very conclusive.

3. Unpleasant Odour

This can be an important sign to find out about bed bugs in your home. If your bed smells like a wet towel or filthy locker, it could mean you have bed bugs under your mattress.

This scent is due to pheromones and is a very solid smell. In this case, contact your pest control experts and ask them to investigate further.

4. Bedbug Eggs and Empty Eggshells

You might be able to find some eggs or eggshells n your house. They are pearly white or translucent when laid. They stick to surfaces and have a shiny coating. Empty eggshells are very similar to the laid ones; only they are deflated and less shiny.

A female bed bug can lay five eggs each day and around 500 eggs in her lifetime. Thus, if your house is a bedbug-infested, you will find a lot of eggs. So, keep your eyes open and look carefully through fabrics and rough surfaces.

Hurry up!

If you can relate to the signs mentioned above, you know your house has been invaded by the dreaded beg bugs. They are a nuisance, and you need to get rid of them as soon as possible. So, what do you do? Suffer in silence and watch the bed bugs infesting your home? No! There are premium services like Radar Pest Control to provide us with the best services to get rid of these bloodsuckers. Enjoy a hassle-free and trustworthy experience and make sure your house never has bed bugs in the future. Without any more wait, visit and free your house from the terror of bed bugs now!

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